Tenancy Changes

Name Changes

If you have legally changed your name and wish to apply to have your Basildon Council tenancy changed into your new name you can apply online here.

Please note-during the online application process you will be prompted to attach a copy of your change of name document i.e. your Change of Name Deed or Marriage Certificate so please save a copy electonically before completing the form.

Once you submit your application a copy will be emailed to you and we will begin to process your request.  Please do not reply to the initial email, we will contact you directly if we need any more information from you and to confirm the outcome of your application.

Please click here to apply.


 Joint tenancies  

If you wish consideration to be given to adding a partner or spouse as a joint tenant, please contact htr.housing@basildon.gov.uk giving your details and contact number and we will call you to discuss.



If the tenant has passed away and you are living in the property, please contact htr.housing@basildon.gov.uk to advise of your circumstances and we will contact you to discuss if you have succession rights.



If you wish consideration to be given to you signing your tenancy over to a qualifying family member, please contact htr.housing@basildon.gov.uk with your details and contact number and we will call you to discuss.