What is a Decant

Decanting is a term used to explain the process where tenants who have a secure/assured or flexible tenancy with the Council or one of our partners within the borough are required to move from their home.  This can be an individual or groups of tenants. 
Decants are usually necessary when a property is in need of major repair work or where the social housing landlord has compulsory purchase powers due to redevelopment plans for the property/s.

We aim in most cases for tenants being decanted to  now choose and bid for their new home through the Basildon Choice service however we reserve the right to make a direct offer where it is considered necessary. 
Tenants being decanted are given priority for the vacant properties and therefore are awarded Band A.  Although it can be frustrating to see a property you may have bid on going to a decant applicant,  it is essential for councils to manage their properties and resources to meet the needs of the people in their borough and decant programmes do exactly that.

Permanent Decant

If you have been notified that your property requires major repair work likely to take in excess of 12 months and you do not wish to return, or you have been notified by Basildon Council that your property is part of a redevelopment programme, you will be offered alternative housing suitable for your housing needs in accordance with the Councils allocation scheme. In some circumstances, you maybe able to be offered alternative accommodation one bed above your assessed housing need.   

Help wth costs of moving, and/or compensation for the loss of your home may be avalble if you are unable to return due to the property being demolished.  This will be determined by your landlord and you will be notified in writing if this applies to you

We acknowledge that moving is a difficult time and therefore if you are being moved as a 'decant' tenant, you will be offered an interview with an allocation officer who will discuss the process with you, the property type and size you are eligible for in accordance with your housing need and aim to answer any further questions you may have.  The allocations team will remain in contact with you until you have been made an offer of an alternative property.


Temporary Decant

A temporary decant is where a tenant is moved to alternative accommodartion on a temporary basis with the intention to return to their main home when available e.g

  • Major repairs (e.g. due to flood or fire) needed to the property cannot be carried out with the tenant in occupation because of significant disruption to the tenant and as a result of the scale of the building works
  • If the Council's independant medical officer recommends that the tenant or a member of his/her hosuehold is unable to remain in the property whilst works are being carried out

In some circumstances, a temporary decant maybe available whilst a request for a permanent management move is being considered.

In all cases above, hotel or accommodation in one of our hostels maybe offered if a temporary decant is unliekly to be for more than 12 weeks.