Langdon Hills District Heating System


Langdon Hills Estate District Heating System 

The dwellings on the Langdon Hills estate receive their heating and hot water from a district heating system, which provides hot water to each dwelling by way of insulated pipes from a central boiler room that is located in Valence Way.

When the hot water reaches the individual dwelling it goes through a heat exchanger, which heats up radiators and a cylinder to provide space heating and hot water respectively.

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The system is currently maintained by Thames Energy Ltd, who can be contacted on 01268 411122 from 8.30am to 4.45pm Monday to Friday.

For requesting repairs outside of these times and at weekends, please ring the housing repairs centre on 0800 011 3241.

Please note: Thames Energy is only responsible for carrying out repairs to the boilers, distribution pipework and to systems installed in Basildon Council tenants' homes.