Direct Offers

Properties offered as a direct let

The Council is committed to advertising as many vacant properties as possible through the Basildon Choice system, however it maybe necessary to make a direct offer of a property outside of the scheme, i.e. a property may be identified for a specific applicant and offered to them without being advertised through the bidding process.

Basildon Council wishes to remain transparent and fair in all its lettings, but there are occasions when properties need to be let outside of the usual procecdures

It is envisaged that the number of such moves will be a minority of the total available properties, however this will be dependent on the number of cases being identified, and may vary from year to year.

Properties not advertised

Where properties are let via a direct offer, these will not be advertised and the results will not be published in the same manner as other properties.  This is due to the nature of some of the cases requiring such moves and the need for confidentiality in many of those cases.  However, the numbers of properties let in this manner will be made available in the annual statistics.

Direct lets will be used in, but not limited to the following circumstances:-

  • Agreed management moves (Permanent and Temporary)
  • Allocations made to temporary accommodation through the homelessness legislation
  • A  household in temporary accommodation provided by Basildon Council who has not found suitable accommodation during a period of choice through the bidding scheme
  • Applicants accepted by Basildon Council as moving on from supported housing schemes who have not found suitable accommodaiton during a period of choice through the bidding scheme
  • Extra Care Vacancies (Poplar House)
  • National Witness Protection Scheme
  • Multi Agency Public Protection Panel arrangements
  • Where an existing social housing tenant is required to move to make best use of stock, and they have not been successsful in getting a suitable property through the bidding scheme (including moves for redevelopment scheme)
  • Persons requiring specially adapted properties
  • Succession (underoccupation)

Where a property becomes available that is sutiable for more than one applicant with a direct let status, the date applicants were awarded a direct let status will be used as a deciding factor in determining to whom the property will be allocated