Extra Care Housing


Extra care housing is predominantly for older people, however in some circumstances, younger people with mental health, learning or physical disabilities maybe considered where additional support and care services are required.

Allocations for Extra Care housing will not be advertised through Basildon Choice but will be made via a direct let as decided by an allocation panel.  Representatives on the panel will be from Basildon Council, Sancturary Housing (the housing provider) and Essex County Council.  Allocations through this panel will be based on an assessment of the level of support and care required by the applicant.

The homeseeker application, if accepted, will be suspended in Band E until the Council has received confirmation from the allocations panel if the applicant has been accepted for the scheme.  The application will then remain suspended until such time an offer is ready to be made.

For further information regarding the facilities and the type of accommodation available at the scheme is available here.