Request a review

Requesting a review

Qualification Criteria
When you first apply for social housing and complete the homeseeker application form, there is a qualification criteria.   If your circumstances do not meet this criteria, you will not qualify for social housing  and an information box will appear advising you of this.

You may want to check that you have answered the questions correctly but you will not be able to do this until your application is showing as closed which is normally the next working day.   If you have answered a question incorrectly then you can start a new application however if you have answered the questions correctly but you believe you do meet the qualification criteria as set out in the allocation scheme then you can request a review of the decision using the review form available here for download.

Right to Review

If your homeseeker application has been successful in the pre qualification assessment contained within the form online, based on the informaiton you have stated, your application will start to be assessed by the applications team.  You will be notified of any addtional documents that we may require to verify the information that you have provided.

The outcome of the assessment will be notified to you in writing via email (if you have provided one).  If you have not provided an email address, the notification letter will be posted to the address we have on file for you.

If your application has not been accepted because you have been found not eligible and/or do not qualify for an allocation of accommodation, the notification letter will give clear grounds for the decision based on the relevant facts of the case. 

If you disagree with the decision you have the right to review.  The Council allow a one-stage review on the assessment of your application. If you wish to review our decision you must do so in writing to reach us within 21 days from the date of the decision letter.

Address it to the Review and Performance Officer, clearly state the reason that you are requesting a review and supply any additional information/ documents that you wish us to consider. If you are requesting a review on medical grounds, you must provide new additional medical evidence to support this. If no additional medical evidence is presented that was not available previously, we cannot proceed with a review on medical grounds.

You can upload your review request and supporting information directly from your Homeseekers Account by clicking the Upload/Review Document link and choosing ‘Application Review’ in the document type dropdown.

Alternatively, you can email it to, send it by post, or visit the Basildon Centre and hand deliver your request with any copies of supporting evidence.

Please ensure you have clearly labelled this as a review and have included your housing reference number and your name and address.

The request for a review must also detail the full reasons why you believe the decision is incorrect.  You may provide additional information that you wish to be taken into account when the review is carried out.


Review Decision and Reviewing Officer

The reviewing officer will not have had any previous involvement in the original decision and will be more senior to the decison maker.  The officer undertaking the review will notify you of the outcome within 56 days of receipt of the request.  Any extension to the time limit and the reasons for it will be notified to you.

The notification of the outcome of the appeal will be in writing and will give clear grounds for the decision.

There is no right to request a further review