Sheltered Housing

Housing for older Persons

Sheltered housing provides older residents with a comfortable, manageable and secure home of their own. 

For vulnerable residents with support needs, services of a Scheme Coordinator are offered to provide a support planning service to help tenants increase and maximise their independence.  The Scheme Coordinator also manages the communal areas and monitors the housing managment services that the council provides, like cleaning and grounds maintenance.

Sheltered Housing for age 60 years and over

These schemes are available to applicants aged 60 plus (partner aged 55 plus). 

These schemes have built in hard wired emergency alarm systems so that applicants can access a careline service 24 hours a day from various pull cords within their home.

Sheltered Housing for age 55 years and over

These schemes are designed for tenants aged 55 plus (partner aged 50 plus) who are more independant, as the properties do not have a built in alarm system.  Tenants can buy into a careline service if they wish, and have a dispersed emergency alarm so that they can access the service.

Basildon Council Scheme Co-ordinators

Our sheltered schemes do not have staff resident on site, and the Scheme Coordinators cannot provide the following in any of our schemes:-

  • Personal care
  • Help with medication
  • Deal with finances
  • Attend to shopping, collect prescriptions etc
  • Pick tenants up from the floor if they fall (family or a paramedic can be contacted)
  • Storage for mobility scooters - See section below for more information

Storage for Mobility Scooters

Not all schemes have storage facilities for mobility scooters and there is limited provision on some.  Applicants are advised to discuss possible storage facilities on schemes with the sheltered housing deparment  prior to accepting a tenancy offered
No guarantee can be made that provision will be available when applicants first move in.

Basildon Council Mobility Scooter Policy

More information

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  • More information on sheltered housing  is available here
  • Housing Care - Search for sheltered housing in your area
  • Housing Associations also have some sheltered hosuing schemes within the Basildon Borough of which the Council receive the nomination rights to most of them - full details of the properties will be found on the adverts